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How to view your folders and documents in a virtual binder

You can view your folders and documents in a virtual binder. A Workspace admin will need to turn on the 'Binder View' app in order for this to work.

  1. To begin, right-click on a folder you would like to view as a binder.1

  2. Next, select 'Edit' and then click 'Properties'.2

  3. Tick 'Enable Binder View' and select a binder colour. Click 'Save' to save your changes.3

  4. Next select 'Show as Binder' to view the contents of your folder as a binder.4

  5. The system will automatically generate a clickable index to help you navigate to different documents in your binder. Click on the tabs to browse different sections or click on a page corner to leaf through the pages.5

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