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How to sort documents in the documents area

The system can automatically sort the documents and folders of your workspace. This can help you quickly find documents and / or apply a new document order for all users.

  1. Click on 'sort order' in the documents area.1

  2. Next, select an arrangement type:
    • Standard - This is the default sort option and will sort the documents using the following order; Manual Arrangement, Name, Number,  Record Date, Upload Date, and Internal ID of the folder or document.
    • Name - This will sort the documents alphabetically using document and folder titles.
    • Number - This will sort the documents numerically when numbering has been applied.
    • Record Date - This will sort using the recorded date when the emails are sent. This is helpful if the folder contains email files.
    • Uploaded Date - This will sort the documents by their upload date.


  3. You can change the order of individual documents or folders using the arrange feature. When you are pleased with your document and folder arrangement click 'Save for all users' to apply this order to all users in this workspace.3