How to delete a workspace

How to delete a workspace All good things must come to an end and once your workspace has served its purpose and is no longer of any use to you, you can delete it.

If you would like a workspace to be deleted, Safelink Support kindly asks you delete the workspace on your own. You may wish to download your workspace content prior to deletion. You must be a Workspace Manager in order to delete a workspace.

  1. To begin, click the 'Manage Workspace' tab.

    manage workspace main
  2. Next click 'Delete this Workspace'.

    delete workspace

  3. The system will ask 'ARE YOU SURE YOU WISH TO DESTROY THIS WORKSPACE AND ALL ITS CONTENTS?'. Click 'OK'. This will permanently delete the data room and prevent any further invoices.

    delete workspace 1
    If you desire Safelink to delete your workspace, please write to “We request that you delete the workspace at our request. Many thanks”