Grid View - The Basics

Safelink's Grid View provides a new way to view the contents of your workspace. You can view file data about each document in your workspace. The Grid View app must be enabled by a Workspace Admin in order for this to work.

  1. To begin, click 'Grid View'.


  2. The system will display your files in a table format with file data shown in columns.


    • Click on the page buttons at the bottom to view other pages.


  3. You can hover your mouse over these document fields and swipe right to view additional columns. 

    • Notice: Your document titles will remain rooted on the left as you scroll through your fields.


  4. To reorganise and move file data sections, click the icon next to a section title. You can also sort your documents and folders. 

    • Next, drag and drop this file data section to the area you would like it to appear.

    • The system will save your new file data section display.


  5. Click View Settings to see other list view options available to you, activate the Show Pane and more!

    • Check out the view options available to you.