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Grid View - View Settings

Safelink's Grid View Settings provide a new way to view and interact with the contents of your workspace. You can view file data about each document in your workspace and change which order your document columns appear.

You can adjust the columns, add grid borders and row numbers to your files to make things look just a touch tidier.


  1. Click 'View Settings'.1

    • This is the View Settings Menu. You can apply any changes you make to this folder or to all the folders in this workspace.2

    Show Grid Borders

  2. Click the 'Show grid borders' slide button to apply grid borders to your files in the Documents Area. 3

    •  Grid Borders may help make the Documents Area feel just a little more organised

    Show Row Numbers

  3. Click the 'Show row numbers' slide button to display row numbers next to your files in the Documents Area. 5

    • Row Numbers can be a nice placeholder before applying a numbering scheme to your workspace and its contents.
    Note: Adding Row Numbers help you manage your documents. This is not the same as applying a custom numbering scheme to your workspace and its contents. 

    Rows Per Page

  4. Click the drop-down menu to select how many files you would like to display per page in the Documents Area. 9

    • Next click 'Apply to this folder.

    •  The Documents Area will now display 20 documents or files per page.

    Column Section

  5. The system will display your documents and their corresponding data fields in columns in the Documents Area. You can hover your mouse over these document fields and swipe right to view additional columns. Notice: The 'Name' column will remain rooted on the left as you scroll through your fields.12

    • Click on a grey column tab to add it to the Documents Area.

    • The column tab will turn blue. A number will be added to your column tab, indicating the order it will display in the Documents Area.
    • Click, drag and drop a column tab to reorder it.

    • If you are happy with the arrangement, click 'Apply to all folders'.

    • Lastly, admire your new arrangement and data fields.