Electronic Signature

Use the 'Document Signing' app to virtually sign documents. Upload a document and invite users into your workspace to sign it.  Please contact support@safelinkhub.com if you are interested in this feature.


  1. To begin, right-click your document and select 'Sign Document'.

  2. Select a name from the drop-down menu to request their signature. Just click the ‘+’ button to add more signatories. Next, click 'Request Signatures'.

    Note:  You can only select users who have been invited into this workspace. To learn how to invite users into your workspace, click here.

  3. All signers will be sent an email, asking them to sign the document. The link will direct them immediately to the signing process.

  4. Upon arrival, signers will click 'Start Signing Process’.

  5. After reviewing the document users can drag and drop the 'Signature' field - on the right - onto the document, at the place where their signature should be applied.

  6. The signer can select the signature style that best represents them and click 'Sign'.

  7. The system will apply this signature to the document. You can move the box at will. A date will be generated once the signature is confirmed.

  8. You can do the same for any other fields required from the right-hand panel. When you have finished, click 'Finish'.

  9. Signers will need to click 'I Agree' if they are content with the terms outlined in the document.

  10. Lastly, the system will prompt a ‘finished’ message and thank users for signing the document. At this point, your job is done.

  11. Once all requested signatures have been collected, the original document will be updated and made viewable in your workspace.

    • A detailed audit trail is available at the bottom of every completed document.

  12. Click ‘Signing Progress’ to check the status of any documents requested for signature. Once all signatories have signed, the status will be marked as ‘completed’. Click on a document to view which signatories have completed the signing process.

    • On this page, you can view which signatories have completed and have not completed the signing process

The 'Document Signing' app works best with PDF documents.