How to Invite a User into Your Workspace via Access and Permissions

Workspace Admins can invite users into their workspace.

  1. To invite a user, click 'Manage Workspace'. 


  2. Next, click 'Access and Permissions'. 


  3. Select 'Invite Another User' from the Actions menu. 


  4. On the 'Invite a user to this Workspace' screen, you can choose what level of access or Workspace Role should be applied. 


  5. If you have groups set up in your workspace, you can add this user to a group.


  6. You can apply the default folder permissions of this workspace or copy the folder permissions of another user in this workspace.


  7. You can invite an existing Safelink user into your workspace or invite a new user. 
    • If this user already has a Safelink account, you can enter their email address or name into the 'Invite an existing Safelink user' search field.

    • To invite a new user, enter their full name and email address into the relevant text fields. 
  8. Click 'Invite' to send an invitation email to this user. The invitation email will contain a link which when clicked, will help guide the user to your workspace. To see a copy of the workspace invitation please click here.


  9. You can see all the users who have access to your workspace on the Workspace Access page.