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Workspace Homepage

Your Workspace Homepage can be an active or quiet place depending on which apps your Workspace Manager has enabled.

Below are three workspace apps that may be available to you!

  • News Feed
    When the news feed activity app is enabled, users can view new documents added to your workspace on the workspace homepage. The news feed is personalised to each user, so only items you are permitted to see will be shown.

  • Calendar
    When the tasks & events app is enabled, your workspace homepage will display a calendar and the 'Tasks & Events' tab. Click on a date in the calendar to assign a task or add an event.

  • Microblog
    When the Micro Blog app is enabled, users have the ability to share a status update on the workspace homepage. This app is helpful for communicating messages within your secure environment. The News Feed and Micro Blog apps must both be turned on in order for this to work.