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Workspace Admin - How to Re-issue Encryption Keys

Any user who resets their password will lose the encryption keys required to access their workspaces. The moment a user begins the forgotten-password process, an 'Approval Required for Safelink Password Change' email is automatically sent to all Workspace Admins. Any Workspace Admin can re-issue encryption keys to a user.

  1. To re-issue encryption keys, click the link in the 'Approval Required for Safelink Password Change' you've received.

  2. You will be directed to the 'Authorisation for Reissue of Workspace Keys' screen. Please read and review the contents of this page. We strongly advise that you reach out to this user to confirm that they did change their password. Click 'Confirm and reissue keys' at the bottom to re-issue the workspace encryption keys.

  3. The system will prompt a banner that shows that the 'Workspace keys have been re-issued to ...' this user.