Why can't I upload?

There are a few things that might stop you from uploading files into your workspace. Let's take a look.

Where do I upload my documents?

  1. To upload files into your workspace, click 'Documents'.

  2. Next, click 'Add Files' or click 'Add Folders'. If you are using Google Chrome, you can drag and drop files directly onto the page!

I'm in the Documents Area but the upload tool is missing...

Workspace Managers decide who can and cannot upload documents into the workspace. By default, users invited into the system will not be able to upload files. If you have been invited into a workspace to upload documents and do not see the upload tool, please contact the Workspace Manager or send a message to Safelink Support. We can reach out to this person on your behalf.

Can Safelink Support adjust my upload permissions?

Unfortunately, our hands are tied. We are unable to adjust your upload permissions without written consent from a Workspace Manager.

Why are my files not uploading?

If you have just uploaded files into the workspace and cannot find them, please try refreshing your page. Occasionally files take a moment to find their way into the Documents Area. If you receive an error or your files are not processing, please send Safelink Support a message and we will be happy to assist.