What is Disbursement Billing?

Under our current internal storage billing model, only one invoice is generated for all the workspaces. We have created the disbursement billing model to allow you to set up workspaces that can be invoiced independently with their own storage allowance.

You can use the internal storage billing for your internal workspaces and set up disbursement billing for your clients' workspaces. The invoices can be set to go directly to your finance department so they can be billed to clients easily, bypassing the need to involve the IT team.

Workspaces under disbursement billing will be charged at £95 per month, with each workspace having a separate 2GB storage allocation. Any use in excess of the 2GB allocation will be billed against the workspace at £40 per GB (or part thereof) per month. Charges for each workspace will be split across separate invoices and will show the relevant matter code.

Please contact us to enable the disbursement Billing option in your licence.


How to set up disbursement billing on pre-existing rooms

  1. Open your workspace and go to 'Manage Workspace' to open your workspace settings.

  2. Select 'Disbursements' under the 'Billing Account' drop-down.

  3. Scroll down and click 'Save' to save your settings.

How to set up disbursement billing when creating a new workspace


  1. Login to Safelink and Select 'Create a New Workspace' from the Actions Menu.

  2. Enter the required information for creating a new workspace.

  3. Select 'Disbursement Account' under the 'Billing Account' drop-down.

  4. Click 'Create New Workspace".

The following workspace types can be set up with disbursement billing

  1. Bundling Workspace
  2. Collaboration Workspace
  3. Litigation Workspace
  4. Relationship Room
  5. Transaction Data Room
  6. Virtual Board Room