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Welcome to Safelink - The basics

Welcome to Safelink! This guidance document will teach you the basics. Note that your workspace may look a little different depending on which type of workspace you are using and which apps have been enabled by your workspace admin.

We hope you enjoy using the system and find the following information helpful.


How to View a Document in your Workspace

  1. This is your workspace homepage. To view the documents and folders in this workspace, click on 'Documents'.1

  2. This is the folder view, where you can view all the folders and documents available to you in your workspace. Click on a folder to open it.2

  3. Next, click on a document to view it.3

  4. In the document viewer, you have various viewing options and document tools available to you on the right.4

How to Apply an Annotation

  1. Click the Marker tool on the right to drop a pin and add a note, 5

  2. You can type your note into the text field on the grey toolbar at the bottom and then view this note on your document.6

  3. You can share your notes with other members of your workspace or keep them private.
    Only Me - Keep your notes private. No other users will be able to see the notes you add to the document.
    My Group - Share your notes with users in your Group. Groups members are determined by Workspace Admins.
    Everyone - Share your notes with everyone in this workspace.7

  4. You can remove your annotations by clicking the rubbish bin icon on the grey toolbar at the bottom.8

How to Highlight Document Sections

  1. To highlight document sections, click the Highlight Tool on the right then drag and drop a box over the section you would like to highlight.9
  2. You can add a note to your highlight and share it. 10
    Note: Who can see your annotations and highlighted sections is determined by which of the sharing buttons is selected. By default, each annotation is set to be visible only to its author.

How to Arrange Documents in a Folder

  1. You can reorder the documents in your Folder. Click 'Arrange Documents' from the 'Actions' menu.11-1

  2. Use the arrange icon to drag, drop and reorder your documents.12-1

  3. Click 'Finish Arrangement' when your documents are in the appropriate order.12.1

Note: In Grid View, You can easily hover over the grey bar in front of the document. Drag and drop to reorder the documents.

  1. Hover over the grey bar.99
  2. Grab and drag to reorder the documents.100
  3. Documents in the new order.101

How to Move Documents Between Folders

  1. Tick the box next to the documents you would like to move, then click 'Move selected items from the toolbar. 13
  2. Select the destination you wish to move the selected documents to.14
  3. Click "Move".16
  4. Selected documents moved to the selected destination.17

Apply Numbering to All Folders and Their Contents

  1. Right-click the root folder of the document tree and select 'Numbering' from the context menu.18

  2. Then, tick 'change the numbering style'. 19

  3. Customise your numbers and click 'Save Settings'. 102

  4. Choose how you would like to apply the numbering and click 'Apply Numbering'. 20

View your documents and folders as a Virtual Binder

This App must be enabled by a Workspace Admin in order for it to work.

  1. Click 'Show as Binder'.22

  2. Safelink will automatically generate a clickable index to help you navigate to different documents in your Binder. Click on the tabs to browse different sections or click on a page corner to leaf through the pages.23

  3. Click 'Close' to go back to your bundle.24

Downloading Individual Documents

  1. Right-click on a document in the folder view and select download.
    * You can download this file in its original file format or the format that was uploaded into your workspace.
    * You can download your document with your annotations as a PDF. 25

  2. The system will generate a report which you can save to your computer or save it back into your room.26

Downloading Folders as a PDF

  1. Click on a folder in the folder tree on the left.27

  2. Click 'Download as PDF'.28

  3. Before you download your folder, customise it! When you are ready to download your PDF click 'Continue'.29

Select and Download Documents with your Basket

  1. Tick the boxes next to the documents you would like to add to your basket. You can add documents from multiple folders.30

  2. Open the added document and click 'View My Basket'. 31

  3. You can download your documents as a ZIP or export them as a PDF.32

These are just the basics! The Safelink system has many different types of workspaces and apps to help you finish your projects and achieve your personal, client and company goals.