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System & Workspace Roles Overview

Every user in the system will have a system role. If a user belongs to a workspace they will have a workspace role specific to that workspace.

System Roles

This determines a user’s permissions system-wide. Licence Admins (License Superusers and Licence Managers) have the ability to change the system role of a user.

  • Normal User - This is the default user type. No special permissions are granted.
  • Licence Manager - Licence Managers can create new workspaces and administer other user accounts under their licence. They can create, delete and change details of user accounts. They can also see an overview of the workspaces that have been created under their licence.
  • Licence Superuser - Licence Superusers have all the permissions of a Licence Manager and have permanent workspace access to all newly created workspaces.

Workspace Roles

This determines a user’s permissions within a workspace.

  • Normal User - This is the default user type in the room.
  • Workspace/Room Manager - By default, Workspace Admins can enable/disable workspace apps, change workspace settings, change folder permissions, manage entities, manage workspace users, post / remove status messages from the newsfeed, send messages, set up coding, view audit logs and view entities, edit calendars, customise reports, export all workspace contents, manage questionnaires, manage templates and reissue keys.