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Safelink Overview

Safelink is an online communications and productivity platform used by law firms, financial services and government to work internally and share information securely with clients and other outside parties.

Our customers use Safelink to give their clients a rich online experience to offer services electronically and to give their staff a wide variety of useful tools in an integrated platform.

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Secure file sharing
Document bundling
Deal rooms
Virtual meetings management
Document review
Advanced customisations



Below is a list of workspaces and a short description of what you can do in each workspace. Each workspace has its own set of apps, which are custom tools designed to help you accomplish your project goals. These apps can be enabled or disabled to personalise the behaviour of your workspace. Click on a workspace to learn more and see which apps are available in each!

Collaboration Workspace
Use the Collaboration Workspace to collaborate with clients, colleagues and external parties in a secure environment. Apply specific permissions to users, groups, documents and folders and keep track of your workspace activity with detailed reports.

Virtual Data Room
Quickly create a customised Virtual Data Room to swiftly navigate the due diligence process and close your deal. Virtual Data Room reports keep track of all user activity, helping you to gauge bidder interest. Create indexed, paginated deal bibles at the end of your transaction and view your deal as a virtual and interactive binder before export.

Litigation Workspace
Use the Litigation Workspace to upload files, perform a document review, tag, classify, create sections, number, redact and add annotations to your documents. The system can automatically detect duplicate documents and help you remove them. You can invite your team and clients into your workspace and set distinct user permissions. You can bring together relevant documents, pages and extracts to prepare witness statements and skeleton arguments. When you're finished you can export your bundle as a PDF, share it electronically or print bundle double-sided or single-sided.

Bundling Workspace
Use the Bundling Workspace to create paper or electronic trial bundles. Create sections then upload your files and folders. The system can automatically generate an index page and apply a customised numbering scheme to your bundle pages. You can create your own cover page or select and edit a cover page from one of our pre-built templates. When you're finished you can export your bundle as a PDF, share it electronically or print bundle double-sided or single-sided.

Meeting Workspace
Manage meeting notes and board agendas within a digital board room. Set agendas, file minutes and create follow up tasks all within Safelink’s meetings workspace. Safelink is fully customisable from the way the platform looks, to the workflows you can create to automate your business processes.

Collaboration Workspace
Use the Client Portal Workspace to share files, exchange messages and manage the relationship between you and your client securely.

Knowledge Portal
The Knowledge portal workspace is a highly flexible and customisable platform to help you share information and connect with your clients. Your Knowledge portal will have customised dashboards, custom tables and custom information pages with your branding and colours. You can use this environment to share who you are and what your organisation wants to achieve. You can share news, updates and upcoming events.

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