Workspace Admins can view reports detailing activity and other workspace information.

These reports can be viewed on the system and downloaded as a CSV, PDF, Word or Excel document. Below is a list of each report and a short description of what each report does.

  1. To access a list of reports, click 'Reports'.

  2. Click on a report to view it, download it as a CSV, PDF, Word or Excel document.

Documents Accessed

Shows a list of users and which documents and folders were accessed by each user.

Detailed Audit Report

Shows the date, time, user, company and which action each user performed. This report keeps track of workspace access, file uploads, file deletions, files viewed, files downloaded, files moved, file previews, folder creation, status posts, file arranging and more.

Detailed Permissions Report

Shows what permissions have been assigned to each user at the folder and document level.

Download Count

Shows the total number of downloads by company and user for each month.

Document Counts

Shows the number of documents in the workspace broken down by folder and file type.

Downloaded Documents

Shows each document downloaded, when it was downloaded, who downloaded it and which version was downloaded.

Hot Documents

Shows which documents were accessed and how many documents each user accessed.

Interactive Audit Report

Shows a detailed breakdown of user and group viewing time. This report also shows which documents and pages were viewed most. To see specific viewing details for a user or group click on the relevant icon on the right. Please enable the Detailed Tracking app for this report.

Last Access

Shows the name, workspace role, company, date and time a user last accessed this workspace.

New Documents

Shows newly added or updated documents.

Q&A Report

Shows a list of questions asked by workspace users and the relevant responses.

Reading List

Shows which documents have or have not been read.

Data Room Index

Shows a list of every document and folder in your workspace.

Search Requests

Shows a list of all search queries conducted in this workspace.

Secure Mail Export

Exports a list of all secure messages, their content and attachments.

Message contents and attachments

Details of each secure message

You can see the contents of these emails in ... folder.

Usage by User by Month

Shows the monthly use of each user.

Historical User and Storage Use

Shows the total storage of all workspaces and a breakdown of storage in each workspace.

What's Changed?

Shows documents added, updated, moved or deleted in this workspace.