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Recovering a Deleted Workspace or Data Room

When a workspace or data room is deleted from Safelink, the deletion happens immediately, and the data room cannot be recovered. This behaviour is important to many of our customers who wish to know that when they delete data, it is not easy to recover (notwithstanding our backup policy, under which we retain backups for a finite period longer).

Under our backup policy, we retain incremental backups for 90 days, allowing workspaces to be recovered upon request. It is not possible to recover workspaces that were deleted more than 90 days prior to the recovery request being made and acted upon by us.

Our standard fee for recovering a workspace or data room from backups is £250, and we request two working days' notice before the recovered workspace is needed again, though we may be able to complete the process within 2-3 hours in exceptional circumstances. The fee and notice period are needed as the recovery requires the involvement of our ops team to restore a full backup from before the deletion, pull out the workspace, and re-import it into the live system.

You can send your workspace or data room recovery requests to support@safelinkhub.com.