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Litigation Workspace - Create a New Bundle

You can create a bundle of documents with an index and a cover page. Make sure this feature has been turned on by a Workspace admin.

  1. To begin, tick the boxes next to the document(s) you would like to add to your bundle.


  2.  Next, click 'Add Doc to Bundle' on the grey toolbar at the bottom.


  3. Enter your bundle name and click ‘Create Bundle'.


  4. Click 'Add to Section' then click 'Add to Section'.


  5. Lastly, click on 'Bundles' in the folder tree to view your new bundle and section.



Please note that should your workspace be accessible by external parties or ‘non-friendly parties’, folder permissions that apply to the documents area do not apply to bundles. Any document added to a bundle will be viewable to all users within this workspace. To ensure the security of your bundle, we would recommend you build your bundle in an internal/team workspace and then publish it in a customer workspace for review.