Licence Superuser - View and Manage User Accounts

Licence Superusers can view a list of all user accounts which belong to their licence on the User Accounts screen. Licence Superusers can edit account details, re-issue workspace keys, create new user accounts and remove accounts from the system.

  1. To begin, click Manage.
    LSU hand over 78-2You must be a Licence Superuser to access this screen.

  2. Next, click Users.
    LSU hand over 1.1

  3. Here, you can view all of the users on your licence. User accounts are organised by the fields outlined below. Click on a user account to edit their details.
    LSU viewmanage 3.3
  4. Use the Actions menu on the right to create a new user account, include deleted users in your list and export a PDF or CSV of user accounts.
    LSU viewmanage 3.4