How to Use the Search Wizard

You can use the search wizard to search for documents in your workspace. You can build a search string and add more search conditions depending on how specific you would like your results to be.

  1. To begin, click the 'Search' tab.

    1  Please ask your Workspace Admin to enable the 'Search' app in your workspace if the 'Search' tab is missing.

  2. Enter your query into the text field below. Add additional search conditions by clicking 'Add another condition'.


    • Here is a list of the search conditions available to you.


  3. Next, click 'Search'.


  4. When the system has finished searching the room, it will display all the documents matching your search criteria in the 'Search Results'. The 'Search Statistics' are displayed in the right-side panel.

    5  You can open these documents by clicking the document title from the 'Search Results'.

  5. Use the options on the 'Actions Menu' to save, export, or tag your search results. 
    • Save this Search - This will create a folder with the documents from your search result. 
    • Export results as CSV - This will export your search results as a CSV file. 
    • Tag these Results - This will tag the documents in your search results.