How to Upload Folders

Use the upload feature in the Documents Area to upload files into your workspace. Please check with your Workspace Admin to make sure you have upload permissions.

  1. To begin, click 'Documents'.


  2. This is the Documents Area. The upload feature is in the grey panel on the left. To upload a folder or multiple folders at once, click 'Add Folder'.


  3. Select which folder you would like to upload and click 'Open'. If you are using Google Chrome you can drag and drop folders directly onto the page and it will begin uploading automatically.


  4. The system will display a progress bar to indicate the progress of your upload.


  5. When your files have finished uploading, the system will process them. The processing procedure will make sure your files are not corrupt, virus-free and more. Most documents can be viewed immediately after uploading, however, processing must be complete in order to search your documents by keyword.


View and enjoy!  


You can compress or zip your folders into a ZIP file to quickly upload large datasets. Once the upload is complete, you can unpack the ZIP file in your workspace.

The file upload time will depend on the size of the documents and your internet speed.