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How to tag individual documents

Workspace Admins can set up custom fields to tag and add metadata to documents. Once these fields have been set up, users can review and classify documents.

  1. To begin click the 'Documents' tab.1

  2. Find and open the document that you would like to classify.2

  3. You can find the 'Classification Menu' in the sidebar.3
    Note: The 'Document Coding' app will need to be enabled for this menu to appear. Please contact your workspace admin if this menu is missing.

  4. Review your document and tick the corresponding classification tag in the menu.4
    Note: Only Workspace admins can set up the classification tags. Please contact your Workspace admin if you need to change or add classification tags.

  5. Select 'Save & Move On' to save your changes and move to the next document. The default setting will open the next document skipping fully classified documents. You can change the 'Move on to:' setting using the drop-down menu.5

  6. You can find tagged documents inside the 'Codes' folder in your workspace, a new folder is automatically created for each tag. You can set up multiple tags per document.6