How to Share Annotations

In Safelink, you can keep your annotations to yourself or share them with your group or everyone.

  1. Open a document that you are annotating.


  2. Create your annotation or select an existing annotation. An Action Bar will open in the bottom part of the screen.


  3. From the grey Action Bar, select how you would like to *share your annotations. By default, each annotation is set to be visible only to its author.

    1. Only Me - The annotation is only visible to you.
    2. My Group - The annotation is visible to users who are a member of the same group as you.
    3. Everyone - The annotation is visible to everyone in the workspace.

Sharing options such as 'My Group' and 'Everyone' are only available if you are a member of a group. Please contact your Workspace Admin if these options are not available to you.