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How to Enable the Spreadsheet Viewer

You can use the Spreadsheet Viewer app to view your spreadsheets in Safelink. You must be a Workspace Admin to access this screen.

1. Click Manage Workspace to access the workspace settings page.

sv 1.1

2. Go to the Apps section and enable the Spreadsheet Viewer app.

sv 2-1

The Spreadsheet Viewer app requires the Showpane app. Please enable the Showpane app if this is not enabled yet.

3. Scroll down and click Save to save your settings.

sv 3-1

4. Open a spreadsheet file to view it in the Spreadsheet Viewer.

sv 4.22-1

Please contact support@safelinkhub.com if you cannot find the Spreadsheet Viewer and Showpane app in your workspace settings.