How to Download as ZIP

Download as ZIP will download all the folders, sub-folders and documents into a compressed file. The folder structure will be preserved and documents will remain in their original formats. Redactions, pins, notes and highlights will not be retained.

  1. Open your workspace and go to the 'Documents' tab.

  2.  Right-click on a folder and select 'Download Folder as Zip' from the menu.

    Please note that all documents in the subfolders will also be included.

  3. Safelink automatically builds a report containing your Zip file.

    Larger folders/files will take some to build. This process is asynchronous so you can do other things while waiting for the report to complete. You can check the progress of the report by going to the 'Past Reports Menu'.

  4. Once your report is ready, you can either download the report or save it to your room. Click 'Download Report' to complete the process.

    Please ensure that you have the necessary permissions enabled to download the folders and documents.