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How to create sub-folders in your bundle

You can create sub-folders within your bundle sections.

  1. Click on one of your bundle sections.
    bundle subfolder 1

  2. Click Create Folder from the Actions menu on the left.
    bundle subfolder 2

  3. Name your folder, then click Create Folder.
    33 bundle subfolder

  4. The system will create your sub-folder.
    44 bundle subfolder

  5. You can add documents to your new sub-folder by ticking the boxes next to the documents you want to move and selecting the Move button from the toolbar menu.
    55 bundle subfolder

  6. Then select the destination folder from the drop-down menu.
    66 bundle subfolder

  7. Once the folder is selected, click on the Move button.
    77 bundle subfolder

  8. The document has now been moved to the selected folder.
    88 bundle subfolder