How to create a workspace

Licence Superusers and Licence Managers have the ability to create new workspaces.

  1. To begin, click 'Create a New Workspace' on the actions menu to the right. 1

  2. Next, give your workspace a name. You can optionally add a client name or reference number.2

  3. Next, pick a workspace type. Each workspace has its own set of apps, which are custom tools designed to help you accomplish your project goals. These apps can be enabled or disabled to personalise the behaviour of your workspace. For more information regarding workspace types click here3

  4. Pick an end date. If you know when you are likely to be finished with this workspace you can select an end date. This will be shown in your workspace listing to help you manage your workspaces. 4

    Note: This will not automatically delete or remove your workspace.

  5. You can optionally nominate somebody as the owner of this workspace. This is for referencing and reporting, and so that Safelink Support knows who is responsible for the workspace if any queries are raised in reference to it. 5

  6. Lastly, click 'Create Workspace' to create your new workspace. 6

Recommended help desk article: Workspace Setup