How to clear and reapply numbering

If you would like to change your numbering style, you will need to clear/remove your current numbering style before applying a new one.

  1. To begin, right-click the root-folder in your workspace and select 'Numbering'.1

  2. Next click 'Change Numbering Style'.2

  3. After that tick 'No Numbering' and then click 'Save Settings'.3

  4. Then click 'Clear Numbering' to remove numbering from your workspace.4

  5. Now that your old numbering style has been removed, let's apply a new one. Right-click your root-folder and select 'Numbering'.5

  6. Click 'change the numbering style'.

  7. Tick your preferred numbering style. Click 'Save Settings'.7-1

  8. Select how you would like to apply numbering and clink 'Apply Numbering'8 
  9. Your new numbering style will be applied to your documents.9