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How to Bulk Tag Documents

You can use the search app' in Safelink to find and then tag multiple documents in one go. Bulk tagging works in both the Search Wizard and Power Search. Both the Search and Document Coding apps must be turned on in order for this to work.

  1. Click the 'Search' tab.


  2. Click the 'Quick Find',  'Document Search' or 'Document Search Wizard' tab.


  3. Enter your search query and click 'Search'.


  4. The system will retrieve and then display the results from your query. Click 'Tag these Results' from the 'Actions Menu' on the right.


  5. Use the Tag Results box to select existing tags or create new ones. You can enter multiple tags at once. Type in the tag you would like to add and hit enter on your keyboard. Click 'Add Tags'.


  6. You can find all your tagged files in the 'Tag' folder in your workspace. A new folder is automatically created for each tag.