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How to Add, Create and Edit your Bundle Coversheet Templates

You can create a custom bundle coversheet, inside cover card, spine insert and index header for your bundle binder. All users have access to the Bundle Coversheet templates, however, Licence Superusers can save templates to their Licence.

These Licence App templates can be accessed and applied in future bundling workspaces.  

Normal Users

  1. Click your Bundle

  2. Next, click Edit Bundle Properties

  3. On the Bundle Properties screen, scroll down to Coversheet Settings and click the drop-down menu to display available cover sheet templates. 

  4. There are three types of bundle cover sheet templates. Workspace admins can add and remove template types. 
    • My Bundle Workspace Templates - Create a new template or use a template you previously created or edited.
    • Sample Templates - Sample bundle cover sheet templates from Safelink; make simple edits, then apply them to your bundle. 
    • Licence App Templates - Bundle Cover Sheet templates created and applied to all your Bundling Workspaces. 

  5. Select a coversheet template or New Blank Template to create your own, then click Create New.

  6. Next, title your bundle template and click Create

    • Front Sheet - A page-sized cover sheet for the front of each volume
    • Inside Cover - A small business card-sized insert for the inside cover of each volume binder in your bundle.
    • Spine Label - A small insert for the spine of each volume binder.
    • Index Header - Text will appear at the top of every index page. 
      Click on the template below to open the editor.

  7. Use the tools to format and apply the text to your template in the template editor. When you are finished, click Save Changes.


Workspace Admin

  1. Click Manage Workspace

  2. Click Bundle Cover Sheet Templates

  3. You can click Edit to change any templates you have previously created. You can also Duplicate any of your bundle cover sheet templates to keep the original and make amendments to a new version. Any templates which are In Use are marked accordingly. Lastly, click Save to App to save templates for future use. 

  4. Export your bundle as a PDF to see the contents of your bundle cover sheet template.

Please note that coversheets are not included in page numbering.