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Documents Area

The Documents Area contains your workspace files. These files have been uploaded into the workspace by you or other workspace members. Use the Documents Area to view, upload, download and more. The Documents Area puts the work in workspace.

  1. Click 'Documents'.1

  2. You can use the folder-tree in the upper-left corner to quickly navigate to folders and documents. Alternatively, you can click on the folders and documents directly. 2

  3. Different viewing options are available to you here. View your folders and documents in a list view, as icons or in grid view.3

  4. You can search the files of your workspace here. 4.1

  5. Drag and drop documents to upload them here. You can click 'Add Files' to add individual files or 'Add Folders' to add entire folders of documents. 5

  6. You'll find the 'Actions' menu on many screens throughout the system. Items on this menu are tailored to the screen you are viewing. 6

  7. Use the sort tool to sort and organise your folders and documents. 7