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Document version history

Safelink will automatically display the most recent versions of your documents. You can make amendments to your documents and then just re-upload them. The system will replace the older version to help keep your documents up-to-date.

 You also have the ability to see and access the version history of your documents.


  1. Document version numbers are displayed on the document here. 1

  2. You can make amendments to this document on your computer and then re-upload it.2

  3. The system will automatically replace the older version and display a new version number.3

  4. To access the version history of your document, right-click and select 'Version History'.4

  5. Click 'Open' to view a specific version history. Click 'Restore' to display the corresponding version in your workspace. Click 'Delete' to remove a version.5

  6. The version you've restored will display here. 1

You can have two copies of the same document in your workspace, but each document will need to be in a different folder.