Definition of file processing statuses

When files are uploaded, the system will process them. The processing procedure will make sure your files are not corrupt, virus-free and more. The system will also OCR (Optical Character Recognition) your files to make the text within them fully searchable. This processing procedure is applied to all files uploaded into the system.

Note: When those files are PST or ZIP files, the system will show the processing status for the PST/ZIP, followed by the unpacking status and processing status for the contents.

  • Your file processing status is displayed next to the document ID.

    Processing Status 1

Below are the process status messages you can see applied to your files:

  • Queued - Your file has been added to the current queue of jobs being processed.

  • Processing - Your file is currently being processed. Your files progress is identified by a percentage.

  • Done - The processing or unpacking of your file is complete.

  • Problem encountered, retry queued - Our system was unable to process your file and will try again shortly.

  • Failed - The process has failed and you should contact support to further investigate the issue.