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Create a Court Bundle - Add Sections, Add Documents, View Documents

You can upload documents and folders to create a court bundle.

  1. Click 'Create my first bundle'.


  2. Edit your Bundle Properties and click 'Create'. Don't worry you can come back to this screen at any time.


  3. Click on your new bundle.


  4. Click 'Create Sections'. You need to create a section before you can add documents to your bundle.


  5. Enter a section identifier and give your section a name. You can tick 'Create another section after this one' to add additional sections. Click 'Create'.


  6. Click on a section to open it.


  7. Click 'Add Files' to add individual documents or click 'Add Folders' to add entire folders into your workspace.


  8. Select the file(s) or folder(s) you would like to upload and click 'Open'.


  9. When your files have finished uploading, you can click on a document to open it.


NOTE: Should your workspace be accessible by external parties or ‘non-friendly parties’, folder permissions that apply to the documents area do not apply to bundles. Any document added to a bundle will be viewable to all users within this workspace. To ensure the security of your bundle, we would recommend you build your bundle in an internal/team workspace and then publish it in a customer workspace for review.