Clients Awaiting Admin Approval - Why Can’t I Access My Workspace?

If you have recently reset your password, you will need to wait for Admin approval before reaccessing your workspaces.

Why Do I Need Admin Approval?

The system encrypts your data before storing it and uses separate encryption keys for each workspace/data room. You retain your encryption keys for each workspace/data room to which you belong (Encryption keys are created with algorithms designed to ensure that each key is unique and unpredictable).

Only a Workspace Admin can approve and reissue encryption keys. When you reset your password, these keys will need to be reissued. If you need Admin approval and are still determining whom to contact, please send

Would Safelink Support Be Able To Approve My Password Reset?

We are not able to approve your password reset. Safelink Staff can only read client data if we are invited explicitly into a workspace. We will only have the necessary encryption keys if we have been invited into your workspace.

How Long Will I Need To Wait?

Re-approval is a one-click process for the administrator of the workspace to which you belong. The moment you begin the forgotten-password process, the system sends an email to the Workspace Admins of your workspace. This grants you a fresh copy of the keys, but the need for approval creates a delay and sometimes, the administrator is not immediately available.