Bulk invite users into your workspace by CSV

Workspace Admins can invite multiple users into their workspace by uploading a CSV containing the names and email addresses of their users. Workspace Admins can optionally include the company and group they would like each user to belong.

  1. Click 'Manage Workspace'.1

  2. Click 'Access and Permissions'.2

  3. On the Actions Menu to the right, click 'Invite Multiple Users'.  3

  4. Select the Workspace Access you would like applied to each account.4

  5. Click 'Upload from CSV'. Your CSV will need to be labeled correctly in order for this to work. 5

    Note: Please label each column accordingly. A document title is not necessary or needed for upload.  6-1

  6. Select your CSV document and click 'Upload'. 7

  7. The system will read your CSV and automatically populate the 'Who would you like to invite?' section. Click 'Invite'. 8