How To Add a Photo From Your Phone Directly to Safelink

You can take a photo with your smartphone and add it directly to Safelink. Open your workspace, click 'add files', take a photo and upload it.

  1. To begin, tap Add Files.

  2. Tap the camera icon to take a photo.

    Note: The camera icon may look different depending on the make and model of your phone.

  3. Do your best to take a clear shot of your document and then approve your photo for upload.

  4. The system will process your image and display its upload progress here.

  5. When your photo has finished uploading, click on it to view it in the Document View.

  6. Admire your work. You can use the document tools on the right to zoom in and out. You can also close the panel on the left to get a better look!

  7. That's it! Repeat the steps above to add more photos to your workspace.