Workspace Admin - You're the boss

Workspace Admins (Workspace Managers and Guest Managers) control and manage workspace settings and activity. The following help articles will help Workspace Admins learn about basic workspace set up and functionality.

You are free to set up your workspace in whichever order your prefer, however you may find it helpful to review the following help articles first. Learn how to set workspace security, to create groups, set group permissions, set user visibility, apply numbering, upload documents and invite users and more!

Workspace Homepage
By default users will arrive here, the Workspace Homepage. The Workspace Homepage can display a calendar and a news feed, which displays new documents, new messages and tasks.
Workspace Homepage

Set up a custom authentication policy for a specific workspace.
Workspace Security

Workspace Apps
Workspace apps are custom tools designed to help you accomplish your project goals. Each workspace has its own set of apps which can be enabled or disabled to personalise the behaviour of your workspace.
Workspace Apps

Basic Workspace Functionality
Learn general workspace functionality.
Upload documents
Create Groups
Set User visibility
Set Folder Permissions

Welcome to Safelink - The basics

System and Workspace Roles
Learn about System Roles and Workspace Roles.
Workspace Roles

Invite Users
Learn how to invite users into your workspace.
Invite users
Invite multiple users