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How to redact document sections

You can redact document sections using the redaction app. This app must be turned on by a Workspace manager in order for it to work.

  1. Click on a document to open it in the document view.1

  2. In the document view, select the redaction tool.2

  3. Drag and drop a box over the section of the document you would like to redact.3
    Notice, the redacted section will still be visible until you download your document with redactions. Once a document has been downloaded with the redactions applied, the text will be removed indelibly.

  4. Click 'Download Redacted' on the grey toolbar at the bottom. 4

  5. Safelink will build your report and when it is ready, download it to your computer or directly into your workspace.5

  6. Open it to view your document with its redacted section(s).6