How to edit bundle properties

On the Bundle Properties screen, you can edit your bundle's name, choose to include an index page, number your bundle's pages, add a cover page and determine other bundle settings.


Use this text box to edit your Bundle's name and/or case number.


  1. Tick 'Include an Index Page' to display the following menu. Once your files have been uploaded into your bundling workspace, Safelink can automatically generate an index page. You can add a date column, time column or choose to include both on your index page. If you choose Automatic, the date and/or time column will be added if any documents have those details, if not, the columns will not appear in your index. Tick 'Include a document ID on index page' to include document ID numbers from Safelink.


  2. Tick this box to include unnumbered separator pages between your sections. These pages help you quickly determine where to add your file dividers after you’ve printed your bundle.


  3. You can tick this box to automatically number your Bundles' pages. You can determine where you’d like these numbers to go on the page. You can decide whether you’d like; To number the bundle as one document, or, number each section separately. You can choose the colour of your page numbers, their font, and font size. You can also choose to include the document name, ID or Tab number on each page opposite the page number.


  4. You can include a custom cover sheet and edit coversheet templates.


  5. Tick the following boxes to include email attachments, highlights, pins and notes. You can also apply redactions and double-sided printing.


  6. Click 'Update' to save any of your changes.