Workspace Admins can change which Safelink screen or page their users arrive at when opening a workspace. Below is a list and brief description of each potential landing page.

News Feed
By default users will arrive here, the workspace homepage. The Workspace homepage can display a calendar and show the news feed, which displays new documents, messages and tasks.

You can set the Documents Area as your workspace landing page. This will remove the ability for users to access the workspace homepage.

Start Menu
You can also modify the look of your workspace homepage to help users quickly send secure mail or navigate to the Documents Area.

Custom Page
You can set a particular document, folder or page for users to land on when accessing your workspace.

How do I change my workspace landing page?

Click 'Manage Workspace' to access the workspace settings page.

Next click the 'Home Page' drop down menu.

Select a 'Home Page' for your workspace.

Lastly, scroll down and click 'Save' to save your settings.

The next time users access your workspace they will be directed to the home page of your choosing!
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