There are two authentication strategies a user may encounter when accessing the system and the workspaces to which they belong. Licence Admins can choose which authentication policy best complements their data security requirements and user authentication experience.

Upfront Authentication
The Upfront Authentication strategy requires users to attain the level of authentication required for all workspaces and resources that they might access to within the system. This will be the least surprising option for your users as most will expect to provide 2FA on login. Authentication happens upon login, up-front and all at once.

On-Demand Authentication
The On-Demand Authentication strategy, recognises that each workspace or resource in the system could require different levels of authentication. The system will prompt the user for additional authentication only when they go to a workspace or resource that requires a higher level of authentication than they have currently attained.

This strategy can be useful if you have a mixture of workspaces, some of which hold less confidential information where only 'user name and password authentication' is sufficient, but also more confidential workspaces that require 2FA. User's will be asked for higher authentication as required.

Please contact if you would like to change authentication strategies.
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