Use starred locations to create a list of interesting or noteworthy pages, similar to a bookmark. You can quickly access your starred locations from the folder view and document viewer.

To begin, click on a document to open it.

Next, scroll down and click 'Star your Current Location' on the panel to the left.

The system will place a star on the current page you are viewing and add a link to this location under the starred locations menu on the left.

You can click the pencil icon to edit the name of this starred location, then click 'Save' to save your changes.

You can quickly access starred locations from other documents by clicking on a link in the starred locations menu on the left.

Click 'Close' to return to the folder view.

The starred location menu is also available in the folder view on the panel to the left.

Starred locations are specific to you and are not visible to other members in your workspace.
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