Use the Show Pane to classify documents, apply coding fields, add dates, add summaries and smoothly transition between documents and attachments.

To begin, click the 'Classification' icon.

In the Review Panel, you can view any coding fields which have been created.

By default coding fields will appear grey. Pill shaped coding fields have three potential conditions: Maybe / Yes / No.

Maybe : Grey
This coding field rests in the 'Maybe' position. This field may or may not apply to this document.

Yes : Colour
Click on a coding field to apply it to the document. Coding fields which have been applied to a document will appear in the codes column in Grid View.

No : Grey Font & Struck-through
Click on a coding field twice to negate it. This means the coding field does not apply to this document.

Coding fields with squared edges have special actions, which can be triggered when clicked: Date / Summary

Add a date

Click 'Summary' to add a brief summary of the document and its contents.

Type a summary into the text field.

Click 'Clear Coding' to reset conditional coding fields.

All conditional coding fields will be reset.

Click 'Mark all others as no' to set all coding fields as 'No'.

All coding fields are set as 'No'.
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