Search and tag documents for review
You can use the Search Wizard to search for documents by keywords in your workspace. You can build a search string and add more search conditions depending on how specific you would like your results to be.

To begin, click 'Search'.

Enter your query into the text field below. Add additional search conditions by clicking 'Add another condition'.

Here is a list of the search conditions available to you:
Matching any of these conditions
Matching all of these conditions
Not matching all of these conditions
Not matching condition
Containing word
Having searchable text?
With reference number
Containing word in a specific field
Not containing word
Containing phrase
Containing phrase in a specific field
Dated on or after
Dated on or before
Dated between
Having a defined date?
Having extension
Of file type
With ID
Within folder
Within folder or any of its subfolders
Tagged as
Tagged as not
Is file corrupted?
Is file password-protected?
Matching saved search

Next, click 'Search'.

When the system has finished searching your documents, it will display all the documents matching your search criteria in the 'Search Results'. 'Search Statistics' and 'Match Breakdown' are displayed on the right-side panel. You can open these documents by clicking the document titles in your 'Search Results'.

Next, click 'Tag these Results'.

Enter a tag name, hit enter on your keyboard and then click 'Add Tags'.

In the Documents area, click 'Tags' on the folder tree, then click 'Review 1' to view all the files you have just tagged.

'Review 1' has been applied to your search results.
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