When the sample templates app is enabled, users will have the option to choose one of our sample cover sheets and edit its contents. This app must be turned on by a workspace admin in order for the sample templates to display.

Click on your bundle.

Click 'Edit Bundle Properties'.

On the bundle properties screen you can add a cover sheet. Click the drop down menu to view the options available to you. Depending on your workspace settings you may have multiple options available to you. For the purposes of this document we'll be focusing on the sample templates.

Select a sample template and then click 'Edit/Make a copy of Sample Cover Sheet - UK Supreme Court Appeal'

The system will prompt the following message:

The sample template 'Sample Cover Sheet - UK Supreme Court Appeal' I've selected is shared throughout all the workspaces on your licence. If you click 'Edit' you will make changes to the template in this workspace, and ALL other workspaces on your licence.

We recommend you create a copy of this sample template and edit it specifically for your purposes in this bundling workspace. You can do this by clicking 'Create & Edit Copy'. This will take you to the 'Set up Bundle Coversheets' screen where you can edit this sample template.

Here, you can give your new sample template a name.

You can also edit other bundle templates:

Front Sheet - A page-sized cover sheet for the front of each volume.

Inside Cover - A small business-card sized insert for the inside cover of each volume binder in your bundle.

Spine Label - A small insert for the spine of each volume binder.

Index Header - Text that will appear at the top of every index page. When you've finished editing your templates click 'Save Cover Sheets'.

Note: These templates will all be present in the PDF export of your bundle.

Workspace Managers can access this screen at anytime by clicking 'Manage Workspace'.

Then clicking 'Edit Bundle Cover Sheet Templates'.
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