Review and manage questions raised by users. Set up who can view and answer these questions. Your answers can be reviewed and controlled prior to release.

To begin, click ‘Q&A’.

View all the questions raised by users of your workspace.

Next, click 'Q&A Settings' to set up who can view and answer these questions.

Click the drop-down menu and select a group. Then tick the boxes next to users who you would like to see and respond to questions.

Note: This would normally be the group corresponding to the seller. Users in other groups will only be able to see questions asked by others in their group and are not permitted to respond.

Click ‘Save' to save your changes.

To respond to a question click ‘Respond’.

Enter a response or a politely worded rejection message, then attach files / folders, designate who can view this response and click 'Save Response'.

The system will save a draft of your response and when you are ready to release it click ‘Edit Response’.

Tick “Approve this answer for response now’ and then click ‘Save Response.’

Your response will be released to the appropriate parties. Click 'Show Answer' to review your response.

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