Create a 'Meet the Team' page to introduce your clients and potential clients to your staff. A 'Meet the Team' page helps clients put faces to names and position titles. This is a good opportunity for your staff to show their personality, share fun and interesting facts and engage with clients on a personal level.

A 'Meet the Team' page shows your clients the lovely people you work with everyday.

What does a 'Meet the Team' page look like?
A 'Meet the Team' page contains your name, title and what your role is at your company. Clients will also be able to see a brief description of your professional experience and any work related accomplishments. This is where you will provide clients with some personal details about yourself, including hobbies, what inspires you and your favourite quote. Lastly, inform your clients what you do, why you do it and how you can work together to accomplish their goals!

This is your Knowledge Management Portal. It's fully customisable, from the colours, icons and text you'd like to display. Let's click on 'Meet the Team'.

Below we have created a basic 'Meet the Team' page. For demo purposes (and fun) we have used cartoon avatars of our staff! Let's click on a member of our Safelink crew.

This is where your clients can connect and learn more about you or another team member. View, admire and enjoy!

How do I use the 'Meet the Team' feature?
Workspace Admins can add, edit and remove user profiles.

To begin click 'Manage Workspace'.

Next click 'Data'.

Click 'New Entry' to add a new person or click 'Open' to view a list of profiles you have already created.

Next, click the ID of the person you would like to view or edit.

On this screen, view the profile of the user you have selected.

If you would like to edit the details of this person's profile, click 'Edit this Person'.

Add, edit or remove the information of this person's profile. When you are finished, scroll down and click 'Save'.
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