Use the Litigation Workspace to upload files, perform a document review, tag, classify, create sections, number, redact and add annotations to your documents. When you've finished your document review, you can create a Court Bundle and share it electronically or export it as a PDF.

The system can receive, process and display all major file-types. You can upload individual files, entire folder structures and ZIP files for larger datasets.

Invite your team and clients into your workspace. You can set distinct user permissions, manage who can view documents, add annotations, add highlights, redact, download and print. These permissions can be adjusted at an individual or group level for individual files or whole folders.

Search your documents by keyword and add coding and classifications.

You can bring together relevant documents, pages and extracts to prepare witness statements and skeleton arguments.

You're in control of your files and you can bring in external expertise as you go with collaborative screen-sharing and note-sharing.

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