The Licence Superuser account is the most powerful account within the Safelink system. Licence Superusers can access special screens, menus and reports, which allow them to see all the workspaces, users and other important system data on their licence.

Licence Superusers have the ability to create new workspaces and will automatically gain permanent access to any workspaces created by other users on their licence. Licence Superusers can also create, delete and edit the details of any user account on their licence.

Global Reports
Access global reports which summarise information across the whole of Safelink.

Manage and view all users
View and manage all of the users on your licence.

Manage and view all workspaces
View and manage all of the workspaces on your licence.

System roles and Workspace roles
Learn about the various System and Workspace Roles within Safelink.

System login security options
Check out Safelink's login security options to set up how users log into the system.

Workspace security options
Learn how to set up workspace security for individual workspaces.

Workspace types
Learn about the various workspace types available to you.

Workspace basics
Learn about basic workspace functionality.

Learn about the apps available in each workspace.

Licence Superuser handover - Passing the torch
Learn how to make another user a Licence Superuser.
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