How to View a Document

Open your documents in Safelink to review their contents, create and share annotations, add redactions and highlights and add tags to classify your documents.

Open your workspace and go to the 'Documents' tab.

Find and click the file name of the document that you would like to view.

This will open your document in a document viewer. The sidebar in the left contains the apps that have been enabled by your workspace admin to help you interact with your document.

The toolbar in the right will contain different document navigation and annotation tools.

The grey bar in the bottom will provide you with options on what you can to do after you have viewed the document.

a) Close the document viewer.
b) *Split the document into another document starting from the current page.
c) *Download the whole document.
d) *Download document with redactions.
e) Go back to the previous page.
f) Move to the next page.
g) *This will save the current document classification tagging and will open the next document for classification.

*These options are only available if your workspace admin has enabled the necessary apps.

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